Mobile applications are increasing the market on the internet faster than any other services. People pick up their mobile phones for any information that they need. Any services that a person wants to have are now easily approachable by just clicking on the mobile screens.
Businesses have now understood the importance of having a mobile app. Mobile apps are easy to be accessed as well as used. Webtech Wizard is the Mobile App Store Optimisation agency in India, which provides its services in making your company or business mobile app ready. The app will get recognition when the user experience will be increased, which will further lead to the need for ASO marketing.
Webtech Wizard. App Store Optimization services or ASO is the service or technique to improve the presence as well as the visibility of the mobile application. The visibility is checked on the various interfaces such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone.


The ASO marketing services work in two dimensions-

  • Advertising and popularizing the app by putting more efforts among the existing users
  • Advertising and marketing the app on third-party platforms to get new customers

The ASO marketing strategies will help in getting the new audience and increase the revenue of the company. The services that we provide in App Store Development are –

  • Optimization of App Title- Each and everything in the app store shall be optimized. The changes done in the app are visible to the audience. We also do the SEO of the app with the help of implementing the keywords in the content of the app. This will increase the app brand or company’s presence awareness among the audience.
  • Targeting App Keyword Optimization-The proper keywords should be used in the title and description so that users can easily get the service that they are searching for. Using the keywords in the description and title helps to get the maximum downloads of that application.
  • Ratings and Reviews Optimisation-The apps with good reviews and ratings gets more downloads from the app stores than any other app with fewer ratings. We will manage the reviews on the app store.
  • Description of the App-Writing the best description of the app is a must as users read the description very carefully before downloading the app. It must contain relevant information about that app and its functions.
  • Best Screenshots of the App-Most suitable screenshots of the mobile app are put on the app store for giving the users glances from the app. The screenshots should be attractive and logical. This will increase the downloading of that particular mobile app.


The companies already have their work to do, so the management of their online presence is handled by professionals. Webtech Wizard offers the client App Store Optimisation and ASO advertisement and marketing that increases the app visibility and enhances its online presence.
When your app will start featuring on different app stores it will automatically start getting more audience. The app will showcase its presence to the potential users of that app, thus increasing the number of downloads.
The app store optimization strategies used by the Webtech Wizard team works in accordance to satisfy and fulfill customer’s demands. Our priority is your satisfaction.


Webtech Wizard, do the optimization of the app store on which the mobile app is showcased or featured. Some of the popular app stores that we optimize for our clients are-


Our app store optimization services can optimize the google store which helps in bringing that app on the top searches on SERP. We take care that your app is managed well, including the screenshots, icons, and good descriptions with the keywords.


Much of the population uses iPhones so we cannot miss covering the iPhone store. The mobile app should be ready with all the keywords, descriptions, screenshots, etc as well. It is a different app store but the working is the same


There is not much percentage of people who use windows mobile phone but we still create you app’s presence there. We will provide the best screenshots, reviews, and ratings.


We have worked with many different sectors of industry, thus know their requirements and market. When you start understanding the market of any company or business it will be easy to increase the reach of that app through ASO marketing strategies.
The team of Webtech Wizard does not waste time on less essential things rather focuses on the optimization of the app. In this service full app store is managed and optimized by our team. We assure you of the increase in user experience and download over time.

The services that make Webtech Wizard exclusive is as follows-

  • Use of CRM tools- These tools are easy to use and help a lot in maintaining the relationship between clients and the companies. The tools are used for giving the latest updates notifications to the users.
  • Skilled Project Manager- Personal touch with the users is a must, as it acts are the royalty of the company. Users know whom to approach when they find any fault. The dedicated project manager will answer all the queries.
  • Customer care and support services- Our team is available 24×7, round the clock for our customer’s assistance and support. We are also available during your working hours.


If you want to get your app store optimized, contact us for professional services. We help in making your app visible to many potential users, which will automatically help in increasing the number of downloads.

If you have any query regarding the app store strategies and services provided by Webtech Wizard places them on our website, we will surely get back to you.